e-Age Tools to Organize Work: Manage Employee Tasks & Projects

The Modern Way of Managing Work with OpLeap Cloud. Improve Business Outcomes, Team Productivity & Alignment with Priorities.

Online System to Manage Employee Tasks

  • Setup Projects based on Products, Clients or any Work Stream in general
  • Create Tasks, Assign to Team, Track Progress
  • Respond to Comments, Share Documents
  • Manage all info for an item in once place
  • Manage Local / Remote Teams with no effort
  • Enhance Employee Productivity & Alignment

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Cloud Software for Organizing & Managing Tasks, Teams & Work Items

Unlimited Projects & Tasks

Create projects and add tasks to projects. Assign tasks to team members. Manage all your projects and tasks at one place.

Track Status & Priority

Set status, priority, due date etc. for your projects & tasks. Project Lead can review tasks by their current progress.

Role Based Access Control

Project Leads inherit their role from org setup. They can manage entire projects while team members work on their specific work items.

Flexible Project Teams

You can create custom project teams for each project. Add / remove team members any time.

Task Management

Organize work items on chosen dimensions. Add comments, labels, update status & priority etc.

Worklists and Filters

Project & Task Worklists and filters make it easy to quickly find relevant tasks and act on them.

Organize and Manage Day to Day Tasks with OpLeap Work Cloud

Work Cloud: Plans & Pricing

Tasks are a part of OpLeap Work Cloud. You can choose for Work Cloud Plans below. In case your requirements do not fit into any of the plans, we can create a customized plan for you.


Manage Day to Day Work

USD 9 /user /mo
for Annual Billing

Tasks & Projects

  • Unlimited Projects & Tasks
  • Unlimited Taskboards
  • Custom Labels
  • Status & Priority
  • Comments & Attachments
  • Role Based Access
  • Worklists and Filters
33% Off

Tasks + Approvals

Manage Teams & Workflows

USD 12 USD 12 /user /mo
for Annual Billing

Tasks & Projects

  • All Features


  • Work Items & Documents
  • Leaves, Work from Home
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Proposals & Pricing
  • Invoices, Purchases
  • Approvals within Leads
  • HR, Finance Worklists
  • Notes & Attachments
44% Off

Work Cloud

All Engines Firing

USD 15 USD 15 /user /mo
for Annual Billing

Tasks & Projects

  • All Features


  • All Features

Lead CRM

  • Capture Web Leads
  • Add Leads Manually
  • Lead Management
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Comments & Attachments
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Spam Filtering

Free Plan

Bright Future Ahead

Free to Use
No Billing

Tasks & Projects

  • All Features


  • All Features

Lead CRM

  • All Features

Usage Limits

  • 3 Users
  • 1500 Records (Total)
  • 1 GB Storage (Total)


Free Plans start with a 15 Day Trial. You are upgraded to unlimited duration Free Plan based on usage. Free plans auto-renew every 3 months; however they expire in case of no login in a 3 month window.

Minimum order size: 5 users. 3m and 12m (annual) plans available. The 3m plans cost 25% more than annual. 18% GST extra.

Records = No of Leads + Projects + Tasks + Comments + Approval Requests + Approval Actions + Files.

Each paid plan includes upto 10000 records + 5GB file storage per CRM user; 2000 records + 2GB file storage per Approvals user; and 5000 records + 5GB file storage per Tasks user. Usage limits are managed at each product level by combining quota of all users of that product.

Organize and Manage Day to Day Tasks with OpLeap Work Cloud

OpLeap Tasks - Benefits

Organize Day-to-Day Work

Manage all your tasks & projects at one place. Don't lose track of work items in emails and messages. Stay within deadlines.

Better Team Productivity

Better visibility into what team members are doing. Align focus with priorities. Track progress and reprioritize as needed.

Better Business Outcomes

Eliminate Chaos and streamline your work. Focus will shift from day to day fire-fighting to core business and higher goals.