Streamline Workflows & Approvals with OpLeap

Flexible & Powerful Tool to Map Organizational Processes, Manage Employee Requests & Control Costs.

Streamline Approval Workflows

  • Employee Approvals such as Leave / Time Off, Work from Home, Expense Reimbursements & Travel
  • Work Related Approvals - Workitems, Documents, Specs, Sales Proposals, Pricing & Misc requests
  • Processing Invoices & Purchase Requests
  • Support for Finance and HR Roles

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Work Management Cloud enabling Approval Flows for day-to-day Work Processes

Simple Tool for all internal approvals   >>   Easily track past records   >>   Non-Editable History

Documents & Work Items

Review documents, designs, specs or just day to day work items.

Leave / Work-From-Home

Employee requests for Time Off / Leaves & Work From Home.

Expense Reimbursements

Submit Expenses for Manager Approval and Finance Dept.

Travel Authorization

Take Pre-Approvals for Travel. For managing costs and outcomes.

Purchase Requests

Submit Purchase Requisitions with items, quantity and cost.

Adhoc Permissions

Flexible format for General Purpose day to day approvals on the go.

Approvals in Lead CRM

For Quotes, Discounts etc. related to a Lead in the CRM

Pricing & Proposals

Get internal clearances for quotes, proposals or contracts.

Invoice / Payment Approval

Approve invoices followed by further processing by Finance.

Streamline Your Approval Workflows with OpLeap Work Cloud

Work Cloud: Plans & Pricing

OpLeap Work Cloud contains multiple product offerings to streamline your working. You can choose from our recommended plans below.


Streamline Internal Workflows

USD 9 /user /mo
for Annual Billing


  • Work Items & Documents
  • Leaves, Work from Home
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Proposals & Pricing
  • Invoices, Purchases
  • Approvals within Leads
  • HR, Finance Worklists
  • Notes & Attachments
33% Off

Approvals + Tasks

Manage Teams & Workflows

USD 12 USD 12 /user /mo
for Annual Billing


  • All Features

Tasks & Projects

  • Unlimited Projects & Tasks
  • Unlimited Taskboards
  • Custom Labels
  • Status & Priority
  • Comments & Attachments
  • Role Based Access
  • Worklists and Filters
44% Off

Work Cloud

Business Focused Organization

USD 15 USD 15 /user /mo
for Annual Billing


  • All Features

Tasks & Projects

  • All Features

Lead CRM

  • Capture Web Leads
  • Add Leads Manually
  • Lead Management
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Comments & Attachments
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Spam Filtering

Free Plan

Bright Future Ahead

Free to Use
No Billing


  • All Features

Tasks & Projects

  • All Features

Lead CRM

  • All Features

Usage Limits

  • 3 Users
  • 1500 Records (Total)
  • 1 GB Storage (Total)



Free Plans start with a 15 Day Trial. You are upgraded to unlimited duration Free Plan based on usage. Free plans auto-renew every 3 months; however they expire in case of no login in a 3 month window.

Minimum order size: 5 users. 3m and 12m (annual) plans available. The 3m plans cost 25% more than annual. 18% GST extra.

Records = No of Leads + Projects + Tasks + Comments + Approval Requests + Approval Actions + Files.

Each paid plan includes upto 10000 records + 5GB file storage per CRM user; 2000 records + 2GB file storage per Approvals user; and 5000 records + 5GB file storage per Tasks user. Usage limits are managed at each product level by combining quota of all users of that product.

Streamline Your Approval Workflows with OpLeap Work Cloud

Unique Benefits of OpLeap Approvals

Organize Ad-Hoc Processes

Manage ad-hoc approvals at one place. Retain them in relevant context. Find them easily when needed, not lose them in emails and chat.

Better Cost & Team Management

Enable pre-approvals for expenses such as travel & purchase. Manage employee requests like Time Off / Work From Home with consistent policies.

Transparency & Employee Satisfaction

Move away from ambiguity & ad-hocism to systematic working & transparency. Your team will also like and appreciate this.