The Better way to Manage with OpLeap Work Cloud and Lead CRM

High performance, clutter free software to increase sales, team productivity and employee satisfaction.

The Better way to Manage your Business with OpLeap Work Cloud and Lead CRM

High performance, clutter free software to increase sales, team productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Task Management Software

Manage Tasks and Projects with Ease

Simple and lightweight solution to organize your organization's day to day working. Never lose track of your tasks and deadlines.

Create Projects with flexible teams & roles in no time.

Add tasks to projects, assign to users. Set status, priority, labels, due date etc.

Team members work on assigned tasks while project leads can manage entire projects.

Role bases access control ensures integrity of entire system while providing privacy & space to individuals.

Worklists, Labels & Filters to quickly find and review work items along chosen dimensions. Manage all work from one place.

Organize and Manage Day to Day Tasks with OpLeap Work Cloud

Streamline Approvals for Day-to-Day Work

Manage your formal and informal organizational approvals like never before.

Manage Employee Requests for Leaves, Work From Home, Travel, Purchases & Expense Reimbursements.

Approve Ad-hoc Work Items, Documents, Proposals / Pricing.

Get approvals within the context of a Lead. Your sales team can obtain pricing & other clearances and retain records within the CRM.

Workflows to process Invoices & Purchase Requisitions.

Easily find past approvals. Not lose them in emails or chat.

Approval records cannot be edited later.

Approval Management System

Streamline Your Approval Workflows with OpLeap Work Cloud

Lead Management CRM

Lead CRM - Convert Leads to Sales

Our lead management software is designed to improve conversion rates of leads to sales by better tracking, filtering and follow-up.

Capture leads from your website and landing pages automatically.

Enter all other leads - phone calls, chats, emails in the same system.

Create new fields as per your business needs.

Organize & review leads by users, source and progress/status. Periodically review progress and update leads / add comments.

Track leads & conversions by source, campaign, keywords or any other campaign parameters you wish.

Convert your website traffic to Sales with OpLeap Cloud CRM

OpLeap Work Cloud Benefits

Increased Revenues, Lower Costs

Get more sales from your leads by better lead management & follow up. Reduce costs from inefficient & disorganized work processes.

Team Productivity

With ready info available at finger tips, reduce time lost in unproductive areas. Minimize re-work, slippages, lost items; get more efficient.

Organizational Effectiveness

With work streamlined & team more effective, you can focus on your core business and produce better results as an organization.

About Us

The goal of OpLeap Cloud is to help organizations manage their work effectively.

OpLeap products are simple and lightweight but highly effective at the same time.

The company is founded and run IIT - IIM alumnus having 20+ years of experience in product management and R&D at companies such as Adobe & IBM Research; having many patents in Internet/Cloud space as well as research papers in international journals and conferences.

OpLeap is Cloud Software offering from SunHill®, which has been working with companies grow their business online since 2012, having worked with clients in 13 countries & 5 continents, providing high value consulting, campaign management & software products.

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