Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions - Lead CRM

Yes, Lead CRM can capture lead tracking details such as source, medium, campaign, keywords, landing page etc. with each lead. You can also define your own tracking parameters and use them to send more detailed info.

We have advanced spam protection in place to filter out most of the spam. You can even create your own filters to be applied to the form submissions.

Yes, the data from website forms automatically populate the CRM, including any custom fields and tracking parameters. E-mail notification for the lead is sent to you.

The integration is very simple and can work with any website regardless of the platform used. Your website/form look & feel is not affected by the CRM integration.

No, we are not an Email marketing solution. Our focus is to improve the conversion rates of leads to sales by better tracking & management of leads and by enhancing sales team effectiveness.
Product Questions - Tasks & Projects

You can use this to organize day to day work items. Tasks can be grouped into projects, (a project can be a client or product / business or functional area). Employees get clarity on what to do. You can specify priorities, answer queries & monitor progress.

Yes. You can add anyone as a user to the system. You can specify which product the person gets access to as well as their role in that product / module. A person added as a team member in a project will have access only to the tasks to whom he/she is added.

Any Project Admin can create a new project, assign users and designate them as project lead or team members. Project Leads can thereafter create tasks and manage project/tasks, while team members can work on tasks assigned to them.
All managers are project admins by default. Your system admin can additionally designate any user as a project admin.

Each major initiative or center of activity or product can be a project. For those in services, each client can be project. You can assign labels to tasks to create groupings or sub-projects. When working on Tasks, you can view them by labels. Or else by status or priority.

The total number of records is specified by your plan. Each task counts as one record and each project also counts as a separate record. Within that limit, you can create any number of projects and tasks.
Product Questions - Approvals & Workflows

OpLeap enables Leave / Time Off, Work From Home, Expense Reimbursements, Travel Authorization, Work Items / Document Approvals, Pricing & Proposals, Approvals within a Lead, Purchase Requests and Invoices / Payment Approvals. You can also use it for general purpose or ad-hoc permissions.

Yes, the manager of a person becomes an approver. System Admin can also designate specific persons to have approval rights. HR and Finance roles can be assigned to specific individuals for processing the workflows further.

You will get an email notification. You can also see all pending requests in one place in your Approvals Worklist.

No. content once approved cannot be edited. The approved/rejected content, along with approver's comments as well as date/time of the request and of the approval action are shown with the content and they cannot be edited.

You get capability to initiate approval within a lead when you have an active subscription to both Lead CRM and Approvals products.
Employee Work Management FAQ
Plans & Subscriptions

The user assignment is flexible. If you take 5 users for Work Cloud you can assign CRM role to 5 persons who may be different from persons to whom you assign Tasks roles or Approvals roles.

The total records for all users of a given product are pooled together for the usage limit for that product. Similarly for file storage. This is done separately for Leads, Approvals and Tasks.

We can offer a 15 day Free Trial. Free Plans of long duration are also offerred. All Free Trials / Free Plans are at OpLeap's discretion and subject to applicable terms.

Yes, we can offer you custom designed plans in case none of the available options work for you. A service fee of 10% may be applicable for customized plans.

Sample form for integration can be provided free of cost. Our team can do the integration for a fee that depends on number of forms, complexity etc. We can also offer consulting for best practices. Please contact us to customize this for you.
Billing & Payments

Yes, of course. You can print/download your tax invoices by logging into your account. Please specify your GST ID during signup.

You can renew a subscription or change a plan any time from your account login. In case of a change, the charges payable for the new plan term must be at least equal to the pro-rated balance released from the existing plan. Refunds are not feasible in a plan change.

For Annual Plans, we will refund 50% of remaining duration charges. New Customers who have not availed Free Trial / Free Plan, can get a refund of plan charges less admin / processing cost if they cancel within 7 days. Please refer to detailed cancellation terms.

Charges for subscriptions are payable upfront. The product provisioning is fully automated hence any ad-hoc grace period is not feasible. Your account would stop working as soon as a subscription expires. Please make your payments prior to the renewal dates.