Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to everyone visiting/using OpLeap website, apps, social media pages etc. and/or using OpLeap products and/or services and/or contacting us by any means. The policy relates to our handling of Personal Information, which means and includes information that can be linked to a specific person or to identify any person, such as name, address, phone and email. As a general principle, our systems and privacy policy are designed / drafted to respect individual's privacy and to disallow unsolicited communication.

The follwing sections explain key aspects of the privacy policy for different types of entities/persons:

OpLeap Website / App / Social Media Visitors or Contacting us by any Means

When you submit any information to OpLeap on this website, or contact us by any other means, you agree that the info you provide may be used by us to contact you for offering our products and services, for support, surveys, offers, promotions, marketing, updates, etc. by messages, WhatsApp, email, phone, video or other physical or electronic means. We may also use the info for our internal analysis and to improve our products & services. We may choose to retain your information until you request for its removal / deletion or in case we feel it may be needed for any regulatory, legal or compliance reasons. OpLeap never sells your information to any third party.

When someone browses this web site, we may collect info about your traffic origin such as domain, server, host, IP address along with any info that can be obtained using IP address, location, organization etc., and collect anonymous statistics about your actions on our website, for example, the pages browsed by you, time spent on them, navigation flow etc. We may use the services of Google (such as Google Analytics) or other third party offerings to collect / analyze the data for improving our products and services as well as improving our website. The entities (including Google) may use cookies to serve ads based on your past visits to our website. You may change your cookies' settings any tine, for example by visiting Google’s Ad Services.

OpLeap Customers

This section applies to organizations that have subscribed for any of OpLeap Cloud Offerings and pertains to personal information related to users (employees / staff / others) from such organizations.

Opleap offerings provide you the capability to create user accounts (referred to as sub-accounts) as well as to update / remove information in those sub-accounts for your users. Your sub-account users would be expected to work with contact persons within your organization for any matters related to data in their accounts or related to their personal information. To safegaurd your data, the backend interface used by OpLeap support team does not provide for any access to your data resident in your sub-accounts, except for your organization level information provided by you for registration/billing and the contact details of the primary user from your organization. Where you may be storing the information of your customers / contacts (such as leads / enquiries in Lead Management CRM), OpLeap systems should not be used for sending any kind of unsolicited communication to anyone. Any abuse of our offerings may result in account suspension.

The databases used by us are backed up regularly to protect your data and to provide for restoration in case of technical or other issues. When you delete something from your accounts, the item it may be retained in some of the databases or in the backups for some time until it eventually gets deleted in due course in accordance with our retention and backup procedures.

All information provided by you is transmitted securely using SSL and stored on servers secured with firewall, keys / authentication and other industry best practices. We do not save any unencrypted passwords in our systems and they are known only to you and can only be changed / reset by you. You are fully responsible for all actions performed from your accounts / sub-accounts. You should not share your password / login credentials with anyone (including with our staff). Even though we shall endeavour to protect your personal information and other data in your accounts, there are no guarantees against inadvertent / unfortunate incidents or events or issues arising out of external factors outside our reasonable influence or control.

Any credentials related to payments (such as credit card or bank details or PIN /passwords etc.) are directly provided by you to a third party payment gateway and their privacy policies and other terms & conditions shall apply with respect to such information. We neither receive, nor store this data on our servers and we shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or misuse related to the same.

We may record product usage data and use it anonymously / in aggegated form for our internal analysis and to improve our products & services or for securing the systems against misuse or potential security threats. The product usage is also monitored for compliance with the subscription limits (such as to number of records or users etc.).

Customers / Contacts of OpLeap Customers

In case you have provided your personal information to an OpLeap customer using our offerings (such as lead CRM), in such a case, the privacy policy of our customer would be applicable for you. OpLeap offerings do not have any built-in capabilities for bulk mailing / bulk SMS / bulk messaging etc. On the other hand, they do provide capabilities for our customers to update or delete your information from the systems. For any updation / deletion requests, please contact the entity to whom you provided your information. Our support team does not have access to your information stored in the accounts of our customers. We do not use your personal information for any purpose and we would never be contacting you directly or marketing to you.

This privacy policy may be amended by us at any time. Updated policy will be made available on this website.